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A consistent brand is the key
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Panda Concepts prides itself in bringing brands to life through design, and with our new logo, we are well on our way. This personal ingot then becomes a living component in every piece of your corporate identity package, including business cards, letterhead, brochures, signage, uniforms, your website, catalogues, and advertisements.

What is your corporate identify package, you ask? It’s an intricate design which ties your logo along with all the pertinent information surrounding your company—phone number, address, website url, email addresses, etc—into an eye-catching, beautifully crafted design.


In creating your corporate identity, it is essential that the logo is paired with the proper colors, fonts, graphics, and even paper color and stock, and that these designs are consistent throughout every marketing component of your company. Stephanie works one-on-one with each of our clients to find the design which most complements the company and its mission.

Through the years, Panda Concepts has created numerous corporate identity packages across a variety of industries. Click here to see what we are capable of.

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