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The Nike swoosh, the Starbucks mermaid, Wendy the red headed girl….these are graphics symbolic with companies we know and love, and each of these images tell a story. Panda Concepts thrives at creating symbols that describe you and your marketing objectives.


Throughout our intensive development stage, we discuss and identify images that define your objectives. The Panda creative team will dream up all sorts of unique concepts that will be individually drafted with ink and paper. As we begin to narrow our definition of the perfect logo, we will fine-tune the finalists using industry standard vector drawing tools, ensuring that the design can be used for any and all applications and/ or media.

Once the final logos are presented and discussed, we will narrow down our choices even more, to find the ideal image to associate with your brand. And we will not give up until we have succeeded in finding the perfect logo for you.

The process is capped up with a logo guideline handbook catered especially for your business, with provides specific colors and sizing to ensure your logo is as effective as possible every time it is used, no matter the application.

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