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An exceptional annual report provides more than just the progress from the year’s past. It offers a glimpse into the company’s mission and their focus for the future. Panda Concepts creates annual reports that captivate the reader while comprehensively covering annual activities and revenue.

We provide solid design that complements your branding and corporate identity, while fulfilling the goal at hand. There are many important decisions to make when creating an annual report. How many pages? Booklet or pamphlet? Colors? Page format? Fonts? The list can be endless and overwhelming. Your Panda Account Executive will work with you to make these decisions seem seamless. Point by point, we will create a visual tool which you will be proud to present your clients, shareholders, employees, and supporters.


Our services include:

  • Comprehensive graphic development, starting with a bold individualized page template that will allow your publics to review the report with ease. We will work with you to create fonts, colors, format, and typography techniques that best tell your story.
  • Fluid copywriting that educates the reader of your mission and guides them through the year’s endeavors and transactions. We will work with you to identify the target reader of the report and write in a style which best suits their needs and wants in reviewing the report.
  • Photography that visually guides the reader through the year. Panda Concepts will create the photography and/or ensure the most suitable layout so it effectively matches the narrative of the report.
  • Final production of the piece specifically geared for the distribution, whether traditional print, HTML, iPad folio, or interactive flash movie with page turning capabilities.

An awesome annual report can be the pinnacle of a productive year. Use the Power of Panda to create a strong marketing piece that will forever play a prevalent role in your organization’s history. Click here to view some of previous reports.

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