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When it comes to business communications with clients, investors, employees, or customers “absence does not make the heart grow fonder.” It’s more like “out of sight, out of mind.” It is imperative to stay on the target’s radar with new information that will invigorate and entice their interest. That’s why many businesses use the Power of Panda to develop, design, and distribute emails that generate attention and revenue.


Panda Concepts develops HTML email designs matching your corporate identity, providing immediate recognition to the recipient. Our designs aim to captivate the reader and immediately make them aware of your special offer, seasonal recipe, professional advice, new property or service, or exciting investment opportunity. We tailor the design to your target’s needs with specific places for all information needed to accurately and effectively convey your message, links to your website, and at least one prevalent call-for-action.

In addition, our graphic design team works extensively to make sure your message is easy to view on every platform including mobile. There’s nothing better than a polished, professional piece to represent your business.

It’s time to trash those stale e-mail templates and destroy any desire to hit the delete button. Use the Power of Panda to get your target to read AND react to your emails. Click here to view some of our HTML email designs.

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