There are three key ingredients to an effective website: functionality, strong copy, and consistently updated information.

But how can you keep your site up-to-date with new pricing, new products, blog posts, and season-specific information without breaking the bank? The answer is as simple as C-M-S. Those three letters stand for “content management system” websites and they allow our clients to add and edit images, copy, and pricing anytime anywhere with NO HTML training.


We start with laying out a comprehensive website that promotes your products and services to all of your targeted publics. You will meet with a Panda account executive to review your goals and objectives, the desired size of your site, targeted keywords, images, and messaging. We’ll review your current branding and corporate identity to select design components that complement your current efforts. And if needed, we will even work to create and secure an effective URL that fits your business model.

From there, we build your SEO-friendly website, reviewing piece by piece along the way to ensure we are capturing your desired on-line presence from fluid copywriting to easy-to-surf functionality. We will place strong call-to-action buttons throughout the site enabling the public to reach out with questions or sales throughout their on-line experience. Special items also include on-line chat development and site-specific search engines. If you think it, we can build it using our state-of-the-art graphic design tools. Plus we make sure your site is attractive and useful on ALL platforms including mobile.

Once the site is complete, we will teach you how to update it anytime, anywhere through CMS technology. Anyone with limited Microsoft Word experience will have no problem navigating around the editing software. There is no programming or HTML experience needed and best of all, you can edit your site from any web browser around the world.

Say goodbye to stagnant websites with outdated pricing and product information. You now have complete control of your professionally designed website at your fingertips, creating a very cost-effective way to stay ahead on-line anytime.

(Of course, for those who prefer, Panda Concepts offers very reasonable monthly maintenance retainers to ensure that your information is updated and edited regularly by our team. Feel free to inquire.)

Click here to view some of our website creations and contact us for a hands-on demonstration to illustrate the ease and effectiveness of CMS websites.