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Anyone can place an ad in a publication or on-line, but it takes a seasoned graphic design team to build an ad which is going to add to your bottom line.


Panda Concepts works one on one with our clients to create effective, eye-catching design with one goal—to bring you business. You will work with an experienced advertising and graphic design executive to:

  • Analyze previous advertising design and placement to determine the effectiveness of past efforts. What worked? What didn’t work and why?
  • Identify specific target audiences, goals, and messages for the ad and/or ad series
  • Review competitive ads placed in similar publications and/or websites.
  • Explore all placement options for potential ads to make sure the ad fits the outlet.
  • Craft copy which simply and succinctly brings your business to the reader’s immediate mindset.
  • Build vibrant design that complements your brand and corporate identity, while identifying with the reader and their needs.
  • Create a tracking system to determine the effectiveness of the ad and/or series for future projects.

Join numerous clients in a variety of industries who have used the Power of Panda to get their businesses noticed and their phones ringing. Click here to view some of our advertising achievements.

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